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LIT Program
(Leader In Training)


Welcome to Our Leader in Training (LIT) Program!

Are you a passionate, energetic, and responsible teenager aged 14-16 looking to spend your summer making new friends, developing leadership skills, and creating lifelong memories? Our Leader in Training (LIT) program is tailor-made for campers like you who are eager to step into leadership roles, build confidence, and have a blast at CEW.

Program Highlights

Our LIT program is designed to empower young campers with the skills and knowledge they need to become confident leaders. From engaging workshops to hands-on activities, our LITs embark on a transformative journey that fosters personal growth, teamwork, and self-discovery. Through a mix of fun activities and meaningful challenges, campers develop essential life skills that will serve them well in camp and beyond.


Adventure-packed Outdoor Activities

  • Hiking and Nature Exploration: Embark on breathtaking hikes, discovering hidden trails and enjoying the scenic beauty of our the Haliburton Highlands.

  • Canoeing and Water Sports: Navigate the waters, learn paddling techniques, and participate in exciting water sports activities on our pristine lake.

  • Archery and Outdoor Skills: Hone your archery skills, master outdoor survival techniques, and unleash your inner adventurer.


Creative Arts and Crafts

  • Arts and Crafts Workshops: Explore your artistic side with music, painting, and other creative activities, allowing your imagination to soar.

  • Performing Arts: Engage in drama, improv, and talent shows, showcasing your talents and building confidence on stage.


Team-building Challenges

  • Ropes Course and Challenge Games: Conquer our high ropes course, navigate obstacle challenges, and participate in team-building games that foster collaboration and unity.

  • Night Games and Scavenger Hunts: Experience the thrill of night games and embark on exciting scavenger hunts under the starlit sky, enhancing your problem-solving skills and teamwork.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Summer Adventure

Ready to embark on an exciting summer adventure filled with learning, laughter, and new experiences? Apply now to be a part of our Leader in Training program and discover the leader within you. Get ready for an unforgettable summer that will shape your character, build friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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