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The most important part of camp (arguably).



At Camp Eden Woods, we understand the importance of providing delicious and nutritious meals for our campers. We believe that healthy eating is essential for growing bodies and active minds, and we take pride in offering a dining experience that is not only nourishing but also incredibly enjoyable for campers of all ages. With our talented in-house chef, we have crafted a menu that combines wholesome ingredients, creative recipes, and a dash of fun to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of our young campers.

Where Healthy Meets Delicious

Our camp kitchen is where the magic happens! Our skilled chef and kitchen staff are passionate about preparing meals that are both nutritious and tasty. We prioritize fresh ingredients to create a menu that reflects the flavors of the season. From vibrant fruits and vegetables to whole grains and lean proteins, our meals are carefully planned to provide campers with the energy they need for their exciting camp activities.

Campfire Treats and Snacks

What's a camping experience without s'mores by the campfire? While we prioritize healthy meals, we also believe in the joy of indulging in classic campfire treats and snacks in moderation. Campers can look forward to special treats like roasted marshmallows and homemade trail mix during designated campfire nights, creating unforgettable memories under the starlit sky.

Allergies & Dietary Preferences

We understand that every camper has unique dietary needs, preferences and food allergies. That's why our menu features a wide variety of options, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free choices. Whether your child is a picky eater or an adventurous foodie, they are sure to find something they love on our menu. We believe that exposing campers to diverse and nutritious foods can help broaden their palates and instill healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime.​ Our kitchen staff is well-trained in handling various dietary needs and is committed to providing safe and delicious alternatives for campers with specific requirements. Parents are encouraged to inform us of any dietary concerns during the registration process so that we can ensure a worry-free dining experience for their child.

An example menu

Wonder what a day of food looks like a CEW? We don't blame you! Take a look below at an example menu. Each day of food is different at CEW which is what makes it so fun!


Good Morning! 


- Buttermilk Pancakes served with seasonal fruit and real Canadian Maple Syrup

- Toast station, cereal, hard boiled eggs, yogurt & granola and apples and. banana's served EVERY SINGLE morning

Good Afternoon!

- Greek Souvlaki. Greek Chicken breast, warm pita, greek salad, and tzatziki. Salad bar open daily. 

Snack time!

- Nacho's served in between activities

Good Evening!

- Spaghetti Bolognese served with warm and buttery garlic bread and a caesar salad. Salad bar open daily. 



Rich chocolatey brownies served fresh out of the oven with Kawartha's vanilla ice cream 

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