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Health & Safety

Qualified Staff

Safety for our campers starts at our staff. All of our staff are Bronze Cross and CPR certified (at the bare minimum). During our staff training, all staff are equipped with all the necessary equipment and knowledge required to deal with anything that may come their way. We have an on-site nurse and a med-shed with all sorts of medications and equipment that may be needed to conquer any sickness or medical emergency.

Nut Free & Allergies

We are a nut free facility and we take all allergies and food preferences seriously. We can accommodate all allergies and we take every precaution to practice safe food handling in our on-site kitchen.

Sun Safety

Heat stroke and sun poisoning are a huge concern throughout the summer months here in Canada. That is why campers are always required to bring a water bottle and wear both a hat and sunscreen to each activity. Between activities we have a 10 minute window where campers will go fill their waters and reapply sunscreen to make sure we can avoid sunburns and heat stroke at all costs. Our counsellors are also required to do the same to set an example for their campers.

Ontario Camp Association

We are an OCA accredited meaning that we adhere to specific safety protocols regulated by the OCA. Being accredited to the OCA we are committed to creating a safe environment for all our or staff and campers.

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